negotiation  交渉

June 1, 2014  =========
☆ negotiation  交渉
Hello June! You came quickly!!
Last Sunday, I can a marathon with my neighbor. It was her first one, and so I wanted to run with her and help her finish. She had a lot of energy for the first 26kms, but after that, she crashed! We kept running of course, but the last 10 – 15 kms was like a business negotiation!!
It was an ongoing negotiation between us, I would offer a reason why she should keep going (running or walking) and she would counter my “offer” with a reason why she should stop. The negotiation included things like friends waiting to see us finish. The race medal we would get. The free bananas. And even the fact that her husband would have cold champagne waiting for us at the finish line! It was one of the toughest negotiations I have ever done in my life!!
Have you ever had a negotiation for a strange reason or on a funny topic, like my experience? What was your negotiation about?