quote 引用する

May 10, 2014  =========
☆ quote  引用する
We often see this word used as a noun, for example, “I heard a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin…” however, you can also use it as a verb. For example:
He quoted the president saying that negotiations were underway.
She quoted me in the article!
He is always quoting lines from movies.
If you give information to someone that you are not sure about, you can say “Don’t quote me on that!” which is a light-hearted way of saying that you are not sure if they information is true or not. You can also use it when you know the information is true, but you don’t want others to know that you said it! It’s commonly used by people being interviewed for news or TV, but you can also use it in everyday life, when you don’t want the person to be annoyed if the information you gave them is not exactly correct. For example, “I think she broke up with her boyfriend, but don’t quote me on that!”