gracious 礼儀正しい

May 3, 2014 =========
☆ gracious 礼儀正しい
Today’s word is a formal word, as an example, “She is a lovely and gracious woman.” When we would use the word, “gracious” we are usually talking about adults. If we were talking about children who are gracious, we would say they were “good mannered” or “polite”.
I just finished reading a great book – for kids (a bit like the Harry Potter series, fun for kids and adults) – called The Phantom Tollbooth. In the book the young hero visits a city where there are 5 guards at the castle, and they all use a different word with the same meaning whenever they talk. So for example, as the boy left the castle to continue his journey the conversation might go like this:
Guard 1: “Thank you for being so gracious.”
Guard 2: “Yes, most polite of you.”
Guard 3: “Truly kind, yes!”
Guard 4: “And so courteous.”
Guard 5: “Considerate always! You must visit us again.”
It’s so much fun to see all the different words they use that mean the same thing. Every time they talk all five of them repeat what the first man said, by using a different word.
So whenever you learn a new word, why not imagine you are one of these guards, and try to think of 4 or 5 alternatives you could also use.