brood くよくよ考える

April 14, 2014 =========
☆ brood くよくよ考える
Is this a new word for you? If it is, that’s great, remember to try and use it in a sentence, for example, “My father was always brooding about something!” But if it’s not a new word, then get out your thesaurus and find out some words that have a similar meaning that are new for you. And remember that a Mind Map is a good way to store these alternative words – “brood” in the middle and then the branches can be the alternative words, and an example sentence if you want. Here are some alternative words for you:
agonize – He was agonizing over the moral issues involved.
dwell on – It’s best not to dwell on the past.
mope – Stop moping around!
mull over – I give you some time to mull over it.
ponder – I often ponder the meaning of life.
ruminate – He would ruminate excessively about death. (formal word)
Do you know any others?