support 援助

April 12, 2014 =========
☆ support 援助
There are various kinds of “support” you can give to people. If you give support during a difficult or unhappy time, you are kind to that person and help them. For example, “She was grateful for her mother’s support after the divorce.” You can also give someone “financial support” where you provide money during a difficult time. Government usually offer financial support to certain groups of people, such as single mothers, families, and job-seekers. There are also other compound words that use “support” in them:
income support – the money that the government pays to low income earners.
life-support machine – the machine hospitals use to keep people alive if they are too ill to breathe by themselves.
support group – an organization run by and for people who have a particular problem or medical condition.
technical support – the repair and advice service that some companies offer when you buy their electronic products
victim support – the giving of help and advice to people who are victims of crime.