settle down 落ち着く

February 23, 2014 =========
☆ settle down 落ち着く
I often tell my two boys to “Settle down!!” when they get home from school, they are so tired they always act a little bit crazy. Ha ha, so I need to tell them to “calm down” or “settle down” so that we can have a bit of peace and quiet in the house! You can use today’s word to ask others to become calm like in my situation.
You can also use it to talk about problems that have calmed down. For example:
I’d like to visit Eastern Europe once the situation there settles down. (In other words, the person believes it is not safe to travel there at the moment.)
The doctor gave me some medicine and the symptoms have settled down. (The person has not been cured, but the symptoms/problems are not so bad anymore.)