persist  続ける

January 10, 2014  =========
☆ persist  続ける
Sometimes a great way to remember a new word is to learn a phrase or a saying that uses that word. One of my favorite sayings using the word “persist” is this one by Carl Jung:
“What you resist persists.”
Jung was talking about “our shadow” or the parts of our personality that we don’t like. For example, if we feel “stupid” then the more we resist that feeling, the more it persists. In other words, we feel even more stupid. Instead of resisting then, we should embrace the things we feel are negative. Do you know the actor Ben Stiller? ( He is an American comedian and actor, who really embraces his “stupidity” in his films. Yet, at the same time, he is very intelligent. This is the perfect example of a human being both “stupid” and “intelligent”. By not resisting either of these sides of his personality, the negative feelings no longer persist.
Is there anything in your life that is persisting because you are resisting it?