December 27 – passionate

December 27, 2019 =========

☆  passionate 情熱的な


One of this week’s useful phrases is, “You’re always so passionate!” Do you know anyone you would say this to? I have a friend I would definitely say this to. She works, she runs, she volunteers, she catches up with friends, she travels… and she is always busy. I have no idea when she sleeps!

The amazing thing is that she is always passionate about what she is doing. Last month, she did a running event to raise money for blind people. Half of the runners wore eye masks so that they couldn’t see where they were running. The other half of the runners were leading the “blind” runners. She was the ‘blind” runner, and her husband was leading her. For 8 kilometers! Wow… I am passionate about running, but she is very, very passionate!