December 18 – desire

December 18, 2019 =========

☆  desire 強く願う


If you desire something, you want it. This is a formal word, mostly used in writing. If you desire a different word to use when speaking, you can try any of these:

hope for
long for
wish for
yearn for
set one’s heart on

It is OK to use the verb desire when speaking of course. It’s just a bit more formal than the words in the list above. So, it wouldn’t be unusual to hear the question, “What do you truly desire?” from a coach or someone helping you with goal setting. However, in your answer, you would probably choose one of the other words to reply. So, instead of saying, “I desire a big house with a swimming pool!” it would be more likely to reply, “I have my heart set on a big house with a swimming pool!”

So, as we come to the end of the year, what do you truly desire in 2020?