December 4 – attentive

December 4, 2019 =========

☆  attentive 注意深い


Being attentive means that you are paying close attention. I think being attentive is a great way to make sure you notice all the serendipity going on around you, right? Do you have a friend that seems to be really lucky and always getting what they want? Are they really luckier than you or are they just being more attentive, and therefore noticing more of the good things?

This is one of the reasons people suggest keeping a gratitude diary, right? Because in order to find one or two or three things to feel gratitude for each day, you need to be really attentive. And once you start being attentive, you start noticing more and more happy things happening in your life – nothing has changed, you’re just being more attentive. The easiest way to change your luck!