December 2 – emotional

December 2, 2019      =========

☆  emotional  感情的な


This week’s useful phrase is, “It’s important to have an emotional connection to your goal.” Many self-help gurus talk about this idea; it’s great to have goals, but without an emotional connection to them, it’ll be hard to continue with the goal if you hit a block.

In fact, you’ve probably heard of SMART goals, but what about CLEAR goals? CLEAR goals include the emotional side of goals.


The SMART goals idea is focused on results, but the CLEAR idea adds the human – in other words, emotional – element. Achieving goals usually requires the help of others, so that is why Collaborate, Listen, and Empathize are important. Then, if you hit a block, you need to Adapt. And, finally, when you reach your goal, it’s time for your Reward.

I like this idea, how about you?