November 29 – affection

November 29, 2019 =========

☆  affection 愛情


The third sample answer is, “I’d love a cat, but they don’t show much affection.” What do you think? Is that true? The cat I had as a teenager showed affection, I think. Just not all the time. When she was a kitten, it was sooo cute, she always wanted to ride on my shoulders. If I was sitting down, she would sleep on my shoulders, balancing between the sofa and my shoulders.

When she got bigger, she was really too heavy, but she still loved to balance on my shoulders. Even when I was walking, she would try to stay on my shoulders. It was very cute, and definitely a sign of affection! Why would she risk falling off my shoulders when she could just walk on her own? That’s affection, right? Oh. Wait. Maybe she was just a lazy cat?!! Ha! Maybe!