November 28 – odor

November 28, 2019 =========

☆  odor におい


OK, so this is not on the topic of odors, but sometimes, Facebook is so creepy! Here I am writing emails to you each day about animals and living with pets, right? Today, I opened my Facebook page, and there was a notification about an event I might be interested in… “Communicating with animals.” Ha ha! Facebook is reading my emails… That’s creepy!

Anyway, let’s talk about odors. One thing I love about my dog, is that he is short-haired, so he really doesn’t have an odor. Of course, he smells like a dog, but he doesn’t have an offensive odor, that makes me want to wash him every day. On the other hand, after patting the long-haired dogs at the park and beach, I immediately want to wash my hands, because their smelly odor is on my hands!

Do you have a pet, and if so, how is their odor?