November 27 – vet

November 27, 2019 =========

☆  vet  獣医


Choosing a vet is so important, I think. I loved our vet in Japan. He was kind and gentle with my dogs. And he was also a dog trainer, so on the weekend, I took my dogs to his training classes, to help them be more obedient.

When I came back to Australia, I went to a vet recommended by my neighbor. He was great, but his specialty, believe it or not, was actually exotic birds! We kept going there, though, as he was kind and close to our house. Then about two years ago, his new staff member told us that our dog was sick, and we should put him down immediately! I was so shocked, because he was not sick, and was enjoying life still. The new staff member was a student, studying to be a vet… I was so shocked that our usual vet made her call us and tell us to put our vet down, that I never went back to that vet.

Our “very sick” dog, was totally fine and live for another two years… I am glad I trusted my gut and not my vet this time!