November 25 – breed

November 25, 2019 =========

☆  breed 品種


This month’s Q&A is “What kind of pet would you love to have?” And one of the sample answers is, “A dog – any breed would be fine!” In the past, this would have been my answer, but now that I have had the Italian Greyhound breed as a pet, I don’t know if I could have any other breed! They are just so wonderful!! Ha ha!

That’s the thing about pets in general, I think. Once you have a great pet, it doesn’t really matter what the breed is. However, if you fall in love with a certain breed it is definitely hard to choose another breed! In the future, I was planning to get a full-size greyhound, they are often in rescue shelters after finishing their racing career. However, then I met that lady who told me how much she feeds her greyhound each day…. I don’t think I could afford to have that breed as a pet!