November 24 – obedient

November 24, 2019 =======

☆  obedient 従順な


Another useful phrase word for this week, “Your dog is so obedient.” I love watching obedient dogs with their owners. Of course, they are well-trained, so that is fun to watch. But more than that, you can tell that there is an important and special bond that the owner and dog. The dog is obedient because he (or she!) trusts their owner.

On the other hand, you can find well-trained dogs that are obedient but there is no real bond or “love” for the owner. I’ve seen that in the case where the dog is purely trained as an attack dog, or a guard dog for a premise. In Australia, it’s common to see stickers on house fences that say, “Dog on premises.” That generally means that, sadly, the dog is obedient but has been trained to attack rather that enjoy being with people.