November 17 – feed

November 17, 2019 =========

☆  feed 餌をあげる


One of the useful phrases this week is, “How often do you feed him?” I have used this before, at the vet. I was taking my Italian Greyhound to see the vet, and there was a woman there with her true-size greyhound. The dog was so beautiful, but very big! 

So, I asked her, “How often do you feed him?” She replied, “It’s a she, not a he.” So, then I asked, “Sorry! How often do you feed her?” She said that she fed her cooked chicken breast three times a day. So, naturally I asked “How much do you feed her each time?” She said about 300gms. Wow!! That means that she feeds her dog almost 1 kilogram of chicken every day!!

Now, that is an expensive pet!!