November 13 – adopt

November 13, 2019 =========

☆  adopt 養子にする


One of the useful phrases this week is, “My motto is ‘adopt don’t shop’” … the idea behind this is that it is better to adopt animal that doesn’t have a home, so that it doesn’t need to be put down by the shelter. So, instead of buying a new puppy from a pet shop, adopt a rescue dog instead.

What do you think of this idea?

I got my Italian Greyhounds from a breeder. That was his business, and he only bred this kind of dog. He also had a pet hotel so the dogs could stay with him if you needed to go away. And he would organize “play dates” for the owners and dogs to all catch up and meet other Italian Greyhounds.

I think if you can find this kind of honest and true breeder, then it’s OK to “shop” for a dog. However, adopting a dog is also a positive idea, so I think that’s what I will do next time.