8/19号 ☆cry 泣く

August 19, 2011 =========

☆ cry 泣く


My co-author for the Mind Map and PhotoReading books,
Junko Sawada, once told me about an experience she had
learning English that made her cry. She was studying in
England, and a French man who was also a student, asked
her what she thought of the food at the café. She said that
she thought it was “good”.

The French guy got angry and said it is not “good”, and told
her that she should not just answer “good” without thinking.
She cried after this experience, but it actually made her
very motivated to study English harder – so that she would
have more vocabulary to use when asked a question like this
in the future.

Sometimes negative events can actually motivate us to do
better. Have you ever had an experience with English that
motivated you to try harder?

See you,

彼女は「It’s good. (おいしいです)」と答えたのです。

そのフランス人は怒って「It’s not good. (おいしくない)”」と言い、考えもしないで”good”なんて答えるべきじゃない!、と彼女に話しました。
でも、実はこの経験が、もっと勉強しなくては -いつか同じような質問をされたら時に使えるボキャブラリーをもっと持っていよう- と彼女をやる気にさせました。