August 17 – embrace

August 17, 2019 =========

☆  embrace 受け入れる


If you embrace something, it means that you accept it, or come to terms with it. (You might know that it also means to hug someone, but not in today’s situation.)

What kinds of things might you have to embrace while traveling?

Delays? Plans being rescheduled? Hotel booking mix-ups? When I went to London with my English students many years ago, there was a big mix-up with the hotel room booking. We had a big group, and so I had to negotiate with the hotel staff. They were being very unhelpful, and so I got angry – unfortunately a lot angrier than was necessary. I apologized, but still regret that. I wish I had been able to just embrace the situation and let it work itself out.

Have you ever made a mistake like that? Or are you usually good at embracing things that you are not expecting?