August 12 – hitchhike

August 12, 2019 =========

☆  hitchhike  ヒッチハイクをする


Have you ever hitchhiked? I did while traveling in Japan when I was younger, but I was always with a group of other girls. There were three of us trying to hitchhike and get a ride to the next city. It was surprising how many people stopped to help us… although only one person actually offered us a ride! Ha ha. It was a woman in her twenties who was confident in her English, so we had a lovely chat.

However, I would never, ever, hitchhike in Australia. And I certainly wouldn’t recommend to my kids to ever hitchhike – anywhere – not just in Australia, but Japan, and the rest of the world, too. Sadly, these days, it’s just not really an option. My mum was able to hitchhike around Europe in her twenties, before getting married. The thought of doing that now, makes me very anxious!