August 11 – grumpy

August 11, 2019 =========

☆  grumpy  気難しい


Someone who is grumpy is bad-tempered and miserable. You will mostly hear this word used to describe old men! For example, “Don’t worry about my dad, he’s just a grumpy old man.” This can be said in a humorous or serious way, the nuance will be different depending on the person’s intonation – and of course, the dad – maybe they really are grumpy! Maybe not.

When traveling, it’s easy to become grumpy if you run into trouble. Someone noisy next to you on the plane, so you can’t sleep. Your train is late, so you miss your connection to the next city. You couldn’t speak the language, so the shop assistant over-charged you deliberately.

However, the chances are that your travel experience will be a great one, and there won’t be any need to be grumpy! So, go out and see the world (if that’s what you want to do!)