July 7 – evoke

July 7, 2019 =========

☆  evoke 喚起する


To evoke something, such as a memory, an idea, emotion, or response, means to cause it to occur. I once heard that fake fortune tellers evoke a sense of trust by telling us things that are true about ourselves, before they move on to telling us about our future.

For example, they “read” our situation and tell us we have a happy marriage, or are not happy in our job, and so on. These suggestions evoke a response from us – a nod of yes, or a shake of the head for a no. And this is the clue for the next thing for them to say. Once they have gotten a lot of “yeses” from us, then they have evoked a sense of trust and can now tell us our future and we will happily believe them!

Is this similar in Japan too?