June 27 – long-term

June 27, 2019 =========

☆  long-term 長期的な


Another sample answer from the Q&A this month is, “Having long-term goals to keep you motivated.” In fact, I would say that this is good advice for a successful life, not just a successful business, what do you think?

In Australia, June 30 is the end of financial year, so June is actually good timing for businesses to start thinking about long-term goals. Many businesses have EOFY Sales – End of Financial Year sales, trying to get businesses to buy new machines or new cars, etc., to save money before they have to pay tax.

It’s a dangerous situation for a business! Without long-term goals, you might think, “I’ll buy a company car to reduce taxes!” but is that really the best use of your money right now? Maybe not! I always check my long-term goals before tax time, to make sure I don’t spend money in the sales!