June 25 – immediate

June 25, 2019 =========

☆  immediate 緊急の


An immediate result or action is something that happens without delay. When I started my business and got my first client, my immediate reaction was to celebrate! And when I got my first payment for a huge amount of work I did, my immediate action after the money hit my bank account was to buy myself something! Ha ha! I was quite young at the time, so that is my excuse!

Not anymore, though! Now that I have a family, and other financial commitments, my immediate reaction to getting a payment from a client is to transfer it into my bank account and work out what “job” the money needs to do. Are there any immediate bills to be paid? Can the money be invested for the short-term? Is my salary due? These days, I am much more mature, and rarely take immediate action – unless of course, it is calculated!