May 26 – slip on

May 26, 2019 =========

☆  slip on さっと着る


If you slip on clothes or shoes, you put them on quickly and easily. You can also say “slip off” meaning the opposite, that you take clothes or shoes off easily. Some example sentences are:

Just slip this on to see if it fits.
Is it cold out? I might slip on a sweater over my t-shirt.
I hate wearing a suit and tie. I slip on something more comfortable the moment I get home.
Slip on some shoes and let’s get going.

And, using “slip off”
No shoes in the house! Slip them off at the door, thanks.

That last one about no shoes in the house, I have to say a lot! When the kids in our neighborhood come over to play, they always walk in and out of the house in their muddy shoes! Nooooooo! Hopefully one day they’ll finally slip off their shoes off without being reminded.