May 21 – take in

May 21, 2019 =========

☆  take in (服を)小さくする


On the other side of alterations, we can also have clothes taken in. Now, this is the one we’re probably all happy to do, right? Clothes that are too big? Let’s take them in – we definitely don’t want to keep them just in case they fit us later! Ha ha!

When I chose my wedding dress, on the hanger it was huge! I liked the design, but I was sure it wouldn’t fit me. My friend said I should try it on anyway, as they could take it in. I didn’t believe her (as I said, I more of a casual clothes kind of person, so taking clothes in or altering clothes wasn’t something I knew much about!) Anyway, I tried on the dress, it looked great, and of course they said they would take it in, so that it fitted correctly.

I think that is the only piece of clothing I’ve ever had taken in, though! Ha ha!