May 3 – dress up

May 3, 2019    =========

☆  dress up  オシャレをする


When you dress up, you put on nice clothes for a special occasion or event, such as going to a wedding or the opera. Of course, you can dress up for something as simple as going out to dinner with friends, too. It doesn’t have to be a big fancy event. Dressing up is fun whenever you have something or somewhere to go to.

This week’s useful phrase is: “I can’t wait to dress up for the party.” In this case, the speaker could mean that they are getting dressed up into nice, fancy clothes that they don’t often wear. Or, they could actually be going to a fancy-dress party! For example, a Halloween-themed party, so they are dressing up as a vampire. So, you can use “dress up” in this way, too.