April 28 – heartfelt

April 28, 2019 =========

☆  heartfelt  心からの


Heartfelt is used to describe a deep or sincere feeling or wish. It is usually used to express sympathy, for example, when someone dies, you could say, “Please accept my heartfelt sympathy.” Or “My heartfelt sympathy goes out to all the people affected by this tragedy.”

The good news is that you can also use it in a positive way! For example, at a wedding, “I offer my heartfelt congratulations to you both on your wedding day.” Or a new baby, “Let me extend my heartfelt congratulations on the birth of you son.” And a new job, “Give her my heartfelt congratulations on getting the job.” And in sport, “The coach expressed his heartfelt congratulations to his team for winning the FFA Cup.”

Can you use heartfelt in a sentence?