March 23 – loving

March 23, 2019 =========

☆  loving  愛のある


Someone who is loving feels or shows love to other people. For example, “She was a loving and kind mother.” might be a way to describe a parent who has passed away. Or if a friend leaves to live in another area, you might say, “I really miss him, he was always very loving to me.” This doesn’t mean that he loves you in a romantic way, just that he was kind and gentle to you always.

You can also take loving actions, meaning that your action is done with great enjoyment and care. For example, you might clean your house with loving care! I recently read a book, similar to the KonMari book, and the author suggested that you “hug your house” in other words, clean it with loving care, even for just 15 minutes each night, to show your house how much you appreciate it!