December 26 – break one’s heart

December 26, 2018 =========

☆  break one’s heart  ~の心を傷つける


If someone breaks your heart, they make you very sad and unhappy, usually because they end a love affair or close relationship with you. Apparently, yesterday, Santa broke my son’s heart… what does that mean? It means that Santa didn’t get him the hoverboard that he asked for! I tried to tell him that hoverboards don’t actually exist, so that’s why Santa couldn’t find him one… but it was no use! He’s very disappointed and unhappy with Santa right now. I guess it’s lucky for me, he’s upset with Santa, not me! Ha ha!

In order to recover from having his heart broken, I suggested to my son that he should be resourceful and create his own real hoverboard instead!

Have you ever had your heart broken? When did it happen? Was it when you were younger or as an adult? How did you recover from having your heart broken?