December 15 – charming

December 15, 2018 =========

☆  charming  魅力的な


Did you notice yesterday that all my sentence examples were of females? “Lovely” is more commonly used to describe kind women, but it can be used for men, too. However, it’s more usual to describe a man as charming. It is quite similar in meaning: they are friendly and pleasant, and behave in a way that makes people like them.

Naturally, you can also use charming to describe a woman, but it’s more common to use charming for men, and lovely for women. One thing to remember though, is that charming can sometimes be used in a negative way. In other words, if you say that someone’s behavior is charming, depending on your intonation and the situation, you could actually be saying that you disapprove of their behavior, and think they are rude!

Isn’t it strange how a word can have two completely opposite meanings!