December 10: obvious

December 10, 2018    =========

☆  obvious   明らかな


If something is obvious, it is easy to see or understand. For example, in relationships you might say some of the following things:

It’s obvious he likes you!
It’s obvious you are angry at me, but I don’t know why.
It’s obvious you don’t want to go to the party, so why not just say you are busy?
If you want a raise at work, it’s obvious you are going to have to talk to your boss, rather than wait for him to talk to you.

And one that many people might say, or at least think, “If you want something done properly, it’s obvious you have to do it yourself!” In other words, you clearly can’t trust another person to do the job as well as you could do it! This is quite a common saying in English. How about in Japanese? Is this saying, or feeling, common?