Today’s Word: conflict

October 25, 2018 =========

☆  conflict  対立する


If your ideas or beliefs conflict with someone else’s it means that they clash, and are different from the other person’s ideas and beliefs. I guess you can imagine that when ideas and beliefs conflict on the topic of money, it can be a pretty tough situation! It seems to be quite common though, financial stress in a relationship is the number one reason for divorce in Australia!

The interesting thing is that it doesn’t matter if the couple has a comfortable income, a high income, or a low income. The reason is that the couple are conflicting over beliefs about money and how it should be used, not the actual amount of money. The key to success with money and relationships seems to be having shared goals and values and to speak honestly with each other when those values conflict with each other.

How about in Japan, do people conflict with each other when it comes to money beliefs?