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December 6 – believable

December 6 – believable

December 6, 2019 =========

☆  believable 信じることができる


So, on the topic of being believable, when Bubbles our Elf “arrived” magically at our house from the shop… I mean, from the North Pole. Ha ha! I wasn’t sure that my kids would find him believable. I mean, it’s a tiny doll, that is supposed to have magical powers and fly to the North Pole each night?? Really?? It doesn’t sound very believable, right?

But my kids love Bubbles the Elf, and they love finding him in a different location each morning. It’s funny to watch them run around the house looking for him. I try to keep his new location believable, and luckily when IRead more about December 6 – believable[…]