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October 18 – gripping

October 18 – gripping

October 18, 2019 =========

☆  gripping 人の心をつかむ


Something that is gripping is fascinating, compelling, engrossing, riveting, spellbinding, thrilling, enthralling, and exciting! So many words to choose from!

This week, there is a useful phrase, “What a gripping finish!” When might you use this kind of sentence? You might use it if you are watching the marathon event at the Olympics, and there are two or three runners that are in the lead and keep changing positions from first, second, or third.

Or it might describe a team sport, where there is not much time left and the score is even, for example in soccer, the penalty shootout to decide the winner, is especially gripping! It’sRead more about October 18 – gripping[…]