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Today’s Word: boring

Today’s Word: boring

November 10, 2018   =========

☆  boring  退屈な


When something is boring, it is uninteresting and dull or tedious. Boring tasks are usually the ones on our list that we don’t want to do, but must do. When my kids come to me and say they have nothing to do, “What can we do???” I make some suggestions: Why don’t you…

clean your room?
do you washing?
do your homework?
practice your music?
practice your Soroban?

Of course, I’m sure you can guess their answer to each suggestion…”That’s boring.” So, I reply, “Yep. I know those tasks are boring, but they still need to be done! So, if you’ve got nothing to do, that’s perfect timing!” Interestingly, they disappearRead more about Today’s Word: boring[…]